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Boca Raton CEO Summit

in Boca Raton

Thursday, February 28, 2019

7:30am to 10:30am

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Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results.

How often do you have the opportunity to sit around the table with your business peers – people who have been in your shoes and who have critical feedback and perspective to share?

Vistage groups are purpose-built solely to help members improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses. They are often the only place CEOs and business owners have to turn for confidential, agenda-free advice.

CEO Summits are designed for current Members and potential candidates as an opportunity to experience an outside resource speaker present on a subject relevant to the issues of today. As a potential candidate, you cannot join at an event, but in addition to the resource speaker you can experience an abbreviated executive session.

There is no cost to attend, but seating is limited and exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies, so please register as soon as possible.

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Featured Speaker

Ian MacDougall:
Change Management with a Bias Towards Rapid Implementation

Focus: Change

Every organization has problems. Problems are normal, natural and inevitable. The presence of problems is not the real issue. The real issue arises when an organization continues to deal with the same problems year after year. This workshop presents a structured change management process for working ‘on’ the company that gets the right people focused on the right things with the right resources.

Ian MacDougall is the Founder of Corporate LifeCycles Inc – a consulting firm which specializes in large-scale organizational change – including lifecycle diagnosis, organization mission, values, strategy, structure, accountability and reward systems. The mission of Corporate Lifecycles is to make organizational change more effective and to liberate the client from reliance on consultants as quickly as possible. Prior to founding Corporate LifeCycles, Mr. MacDougall was President and Senior Associate of Adizes Associates, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. Ian MacDougall has consulted with government agencies as well as small, medium and large corporations worldwide in a diverse range of industries.


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